Would you stay at this UAE resort suspended off a mountain?


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This pitch is the peak of extreme richness. 

A new travel concept is banking on vacationers being down for both adrenaline and luxury. 

In the United Arab Emirates’ Sharjah mountains, visitors may soon be able to buy the experience of enjoying luxe accommodations from a tent — not pitched on the ground, but hanging hundreds of feet in the air.

Currently called Floating Retreat, the in-the-works short-term rental is the brainchild of Dubai-based design studio Ardh Architect, according to SWNS. The idea came after the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority tasked the firm with looking “into a new typology of hospitality.” 

In response, Ardh proposed what is more or less a levitating hotel complete with all the amenities of a normal five-star stay — room service, WiFi access, various forms of entertainment and cosmetic niceties — only hanging off the side of a mountain. 

Up to 10 canopies are slated to be suspended between the mountain’s rocky peaks, each with its own private bathroom and access to a shared spa facility. There will be a reception area, a concierge and a restaurant on the sky-high ground floor — and private guided tours of the mountain will also be available to guests. 

Here’s hoping you don’t have a fear of heights.
tent resort suspended
The ambitious retreat will be suspended hundreds of feet in the air.
tent resort suspended
The front of the tents are slated to be made from a clear material.
tent resort suspended
The firm does not yet have a timeline for when the resort will be completed.
Another rendering of the stay.
Another rendering of the stay.

Availability will be seasonally dependent, with guests only allowed to stay overnight in the tents during the winter months. During the summer — May to September — tents will only be available for daytime usage. 

The tents — the front of which will be constructed from a clear material so guests can enjoy the stunning views — are customizable, with controls allowing to move the dwellings without getting too close to the others. 

“Individual tents/pods of the floating retreat are designed to bring luxury and comfort to those who cannot participate in mountain climbing or other adrenaline-filled outdoor activities,” said Ardh, according to SWNS.

The firm does not yet have a timeline for when the resort will be built.

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