WH’s lame Afghanistan spin, a Fed boss in denial and more


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Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This claim:

“Nations like China and Russia took a look at what we did in Afghanistan . . . [and] had to marvel at the speed, the efficiency . . . ”

— Biden spokesman John Kirby, Wednesday

We say: Does the White House really think folks will fall for that lame response to a Pentagon report slamming Team Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal? The Pentagon believes China used the debacle in its propaganda to “erode” US influence, cast doubt on US-backed “security partnerships” and suggest the US is a “declining power.” Indeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin likely saw it as proof of US weakness, emboldening him to invade Ukraine.

This excuse:

“No one expected inflation to be this strong and this persistent.”

— Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, Wednesday

Chair of the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell claimed that “no one” expected inflation to be as persistent as it has been.
Getty Images

We say: Uh, no one except Clinton Treasury secretary and Obama economist Larry Summers, who warned that the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan could ignite “inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation.” And Jason Furman, another Obama economist who likewise predicted fierce inflation. And experts like Steve Rattner, Olivier Blanchard and others — plus nearly everyone on the right. Actually, the main ones in denial were President Biden, congressional Dems and people at the Fed like . . . Powell.

This comment:

“I don’t think we [at CNN] ever were liberal.”

— CNN anchor Don Lemon, Monday

We say: Is he kidding? Lemon was answering TV host Stephen Colbert’s question about whether CNN, under new boss Chris Licht, would be “liberal anymore” — showing that Colbert (like anyone else who’s ever watched CNN) knows the network’s on the left. Indeed, Allsides Media Bias gives CNN its left-most rating (Fox gets its right-most rank). Other rating groups, and polls of viewers, have done likewise.

This response:

“[President Biden has] been to the border.”

— WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Wednesday

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Biden has been to the border — despite there being no record of the trip taking place.
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Biden has been to the border — despite there being no record of the trip taking place.

We say: Asked if Biden will take up Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s invitation to tour the border, Jean-Pierre apparently just made up an answer, claiming the prez has already been there. Except the White House has no record of that. Nor did he visit as vice president.

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