Steve Martin and Ben Stiller roast each other in Super Bowl ad


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There were some verbal murders in this building.

The Kansas City Chiefs versus the Philadelphia Eagles isn’t the only epic showdown transpiring next weekend.

Comedians Steve Martin and Ben Stiller traded brutal barbs in an uproarious teaser for their upcoming 2023 Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi Zero Sugar, as seen in clips currently garnering guffaws on YouTube.

“As actors, in a way, we never really stop acting,” Stiller, 57, declares, prompting his commercial co-star to retort, “For example, Ben is acting right now like he’s not intimidated by standing next to me.”

Feigning umbrage over the insult, the “Meet the Parents” star snarks, “And Steve’s acting like he’s not lucky to be here.”

The comedy icon’s slam-filled sneak peek is currently blowing up on YouTube.

The comedy greats took pot shots at each other's acting skills.
The comedy greats took potshots at each other’s acting skills.

However, Martin, 77, continues his verbal salvo, snarking: “Oh, and Ben’s acting like that whole awkward thing he does is a character and not his actual personality.”

This witty repartee seems to fluster the “Zoolander” actor, who fumbles around in vain for a comeback, prompting his fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum to quip that he just proved his point.

The comedic heavyweights continue to put each other on the rhetorical rotisserie with Stiller calling the “The Jerk” star a “banjo player.” Meanwhile, Martin refers to the younger funnyman — whose celebrity parents are late comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara — as a “nepo baby” in reference to the controversial New York Magazine cover.

The celebrity roast battle concludes with Stiller calling an armistice. “You know what Steve, I actually don’t want to do this because I’m a huge fan of yours,” the “Ben Stiller Show” creator admits, to which Martin replies, “Thank you and I’m a big fan of yours.”

"Oh, and Ben's acting like that whole awkward thing he does is a character and not his actual personality," Martin says.
“Oh, and Ben’s acting like that whole awkward thing he does is a character and not his actual personality,” Martin says.

The commercial comedy duo then pretends as if they were just acting all along before the screen cuts to a can of Pepsi Zero Sugar.

Super Bowl LVII kicks off on Feb. 12 in Glendale, Arizona at 6:30 p.m. EST.

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