Sofia Coppola’s daughter says she was grounded — for chartering helicopter


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Sofia Coppola’s daughter went viral for a TikTok video in which she apparently made wild claims about her famous family — including that she was grounded for trying to charter a helicopter.

Romy Croquet Mars — the 16-year-old daughter of Coppola and her husband, Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars — created a now-deleted TikTok account several days ago where she’d been posting and then deleting videos of herself divulging family drama, being a rebellious teen and responding to being a “nepo baby.”

“Make a vodka sauce pasta with me because I’m grounded,” Romy said in a since-scrapped TikTok video that has been making the rounds on Twitter.

“I tried to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my dad’s credit card because I wanted to have dinner with my camp friend,” Romy confessed.

The teen shared that she decided to disobey her parents by finally creating a TikTok account since she was in trouble anyway.

“I thought I would do this since I’m already grounded because my parents’ biggest rule is, like, I’m not allowed to have any public social media accounts. Here’s why,” she said, flashing a shot of herself holding Mars’ 2010 Grammy Award.

“They don’t want me to be a nepotism kid, but TikTok is not gonna make me famous, so it doesn’t really matter.”

The Post has reached out to representatives for Coppola for comment.

Coppola and Mars — who married after meeting while working on the film “The Virgin Suicides” — also have a younger second daughter, Cosima Croquet Mars, 12.

The 16-year-old claimed to be grounded for trying to use her father’s credit card to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland to have dinner with a friend.
Tiktok / Romy Croquet

Romy’s short-lived influencer campaign included her admitting that was “embarrassed” because she didn’t know the difference between a garlic bulb and an onion — though she actually was cooking with a shallot — and had to Google images of them both.

She also interrupted her meal prep to introduce someone she claimed was her babysitter’s boyfriend.

“My parents are never home so these are my replacement parents,” Romy said, seemingly taking aim at her famous mom and dad.

Romy is the eldest daughter of Coppola and Thomas Mars, lead singer of Phoenix.
Corbis via Getty Images

Coppola recently lamented about being away from her children during a film shoot in an interview with The Guardian.

“I was on location and away from my daughters [currently in middle and high school], who I felt were needing a mother,” she said, echoing her daughter’s sentiments.

Although Romy’s TikTok account has been deleted, her teenage angst and dismissal of her parents’ desire for her to keep a low profile apparently continued for several days.

Thomas Mars with his daughters
Mars is shown with his daughter, whom the couple has worked to keep out of the limelight.
Getty Images

Four of the five TikTok videos posted on her account showed the petite blond lip-syncing like any other teenager on the app.

Despite the nepo baby’s dismissal of TikTok’s power to make her “famous,” the teen has gathered 29,900 followers on the app in just a few days and seemingly made an attempt to use the app to start her own music career.

In her last TikTok video, Romy shared an audio file believed to be the teen singing an original song.

“This is so nepotism of me,” she captioned the video, which boasted thousands of views in just a few hours.

Coppola is no stranger to nepotism herself as the only daughter of filmmakers Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola.

She made her screen debut as an infant in her father’s film “The Godfather” and drew a lot of attention — much of it negative — over the years after she starred as Mary Corleone in 1990’s “The Godfather Part III.”

Coppola’s famous family extends beyond her parents and includes her aunt, “The Godfather” actress Talia Shire, and first cousins, Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman.

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