Queen Elizabeth’s corgis hated when she had to work


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Doggone it, Queen Elizabeth.

The late monarch’s precious corgis were reportedly downcast when she had to undergo official royal duties.

“When the queen would walk into this room wearing her tiara, the dogs would slump on the floor looking really sad because they knew she was the queen and they knew she was going to an official work function,” Caroline Perry, author of the new picture book “The Corgi and the Queen,” told People.

According to Perry, the “corgis knew” when the royal would leave them to go to events. ” ‘Oh no, not the tiara again!’ ” she joked about what the canines (probably) thought.

However, when the monarch wore a headscarf, the dogs would “would jump up and bark and rush to the door because they knew she was off-duty Elizabeth, and she was going to take them for their walk,” Perry noted.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle in 1959.
Bettmann Archive
Queen Elizabeth II with one of her dogs.
“She couldn’t choose her life, but she could choose her companions,” Perry noted.
Getty Images

Her corgis were so beloved that they had their own suite at Buckingham Palace.

“She really did adore every single one of the dogs she had as a companion,” Perry said.

The queen’s prized corgi, who was named Susan, was given to her as birthday gift when she turned 18 in 1944. Susan was present at several of the monarch’s milestones, including her coronation. The queen also bred dogs and many of them were descendants of Susan.

“That’s how much she loved Susan,” Perry noted. “She just did not want that legacy to end.”

Queen Elizabeth II with a corgi, 1970. (Photo by Keystione/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth got her prized corgi Susan when she turned 18.
Getty Images
WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM: Queen Elizabeth II photographing her corgis at Windsor Park in 1960 in Windsor, England. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)
Queen Elizabeth photographing with her corgis at Windsor Park in 1960.
Getty Images

Perry continued, “She couldn’t choose her life, but she could choose her companions. The fact that these corgis are so spirited, so lively and so mischievous, I think in some way that was her way of expressing how she felt inside but wasn’t able to convey.”

Upon her death on Sept. 8, her dogs were given to her youngest son, Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Andrew, 62, was even seen comforting the pups at her funeral on Sept. 19.

Ferguson, 63, revealed how it was a “big honor” to take on the furry friends after the monarch’s passing in an interview with the Telegraph. She even called them “national treasure[s],” and said they were “taught well.”

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