New Amazon Original Series ‘The Rig’ premieres today


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When it comes to oil rigs, no news is good news.

Typically, you’ll only hear about an oil rig if something’s gone wrong: a spill, an accident, or, in the case of Amazon’s new Original Series, “The Rig,” some sort of supernatural event.

Remember “The Thing?” The John Carpenter remake with scientists and technicians trapped at a remote arctic lab attempting to outsmart the titular Thing? Take that level of claustrophobia and paranoia, apply it to a humongous oil rig off the coast of Scotland, multiply by climate anxiety, and you’ve got “The Rig.”

Helmed by veteran UK TV director John Strickland, and featuring former cast members of “Game of Thrones,”Schitt’s Creek,” and “Bridgerton,””The Rig” is the 6-part story of the crew of the fictional Kinloch Oil Rig, who encounter a strange, signal-disrupting fog on the day they’re due to leave. Sounds like an inconvenience. Until the fog begins to make the crew act strangely.

Hooked yet? Below, we’ve outlined more details about “The Rig”, its’ crew, and how you can watch it now.

Prime Video

As of today, Jan. 6, all six episodes of “The Rig” are streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t already have a subscription, it seems like every week, there are more reasons to get one (or just try out a 30-day free trial).

In addition to “The Rig,” a Prime Video subscription offers an impressive slate of some of the year’s biggest movies, including “My Policeman,” and award-winning original series like “The Boys,” “A League of Their Own,” and “Marvelous Ms. Maisel,” and hundreds of movies and binge-able TV shows, to name a few.

When can I watch “The Rig”?

Right now! As mentioned above, the entire 6-episode miniseries is available to stream in full exclusively on Amazon Prime Video as of Jan. 6. Get a Prime Video subscription (if you don’t have one already), and start the first full weekend of the New Year off with a bang (from a huge oil rig explosion).

What is “The Rig” about?

It’s about classic oil rig stuff. Clocking in, clocking out. The mess hall. Group dynamics, and all that jazz.

That is, up until a thick layer of mysterious fog rolls in, cutting off the crew’s communication with the outside world. Just as tensions start to rise, a massive accident throws the crew, led by Magnus MacMillan (Iain Glen), further into disarray.

And if putting out all of those fires sounds hard enough work as it is, imagine how the crew feels when members of their rank begin to show adverse effects from exposure to the fog.

What sort of adverse effects? What caused the explosion? Where’s the fog coming from, and what does it do? There’s only one way to find out. Check it out tonight on Amazon Prime Video.

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