Letters to the Editor — Dec. 4, 2022


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Support Iranians
Thank you for printing “Iran’s Women Lead,” (Maryam Rajavi, PostOpinion, Nov. 28).

The Biden administration must stand with the Iranian people in a much more demonstrable way by recognizing Rajavi and her movement’s efforts, calling for snapback of UN sanctions on Iran by European Union partners, facilitating internet access for activists, holding regime heads to account in all ways possible and giving forums to Rajavi to speak directly to the American people about a future of friendship in freedom and democracy for Iran.

Iraj Bahmani

College degree fix
Betsy McCaughey’s column recognizes that the mere ownership of a college degree doesn’t automatically guarantee a high-paying job or future success (“Adieu, College Scam,” PostOpinion, Nov. 30).

Of course, it depends on your major, but in our society the requirement for a four-year degree is still evident everywhere, despite its exaggerated premise that the degree makes one smarter than those without it.

Unfortunately in New York, requirements for the Professional Career Opportunities exam for civil-service jobs include a four-year education. To become an officer in the United States Air Force or join the FBI or the CIA, you must have a four-year degree.

Until those requirements change, the inference will be that job candidates without a four-year degree will be considered less capable for pursuing these careers, even if there is no direct correlation between a liberal arts education and a specific job requirement.

Ray Starman

Kat’s fentanyl veto
What in the world is Gov. Hochul thinking (“Bipartisan fent. bill gets Kat scratched,” Dec. 1)?
Here is an opportunity to work in a bipartisan way to stop the killing via fentanyl, and she actually pooh-poohs it? Seriously?

New York clearly made a big error in not hiring Rep. Lee Zeldin. The proof was there all the time.

Doc Ludemann
Bridgeport, Conn.

No indoctrination
Unfortunately, I suspect the Mount Holyoke College teachings and environment described by Annabella Rockwell are not atypical of many college campuses today (“Waking up from woke school,” Nov. 27).

As one who returned to a top graduate school 30 years after attending college, I can attest to the brainwashing and indoctrination that is underway.

Victimhood and oppression are prevalent coursework themes and it would not surprise me if the majority self-identify as victims or being oppressed. It is not just victimhood and oppression that abound in school but politics.

There was a time when teachers’ and professors’ political views were unknown, but today, their views often surface. Of course, it is virtually impossible to find a professor that is right-leaning, making diversity of thought not a priority — or worse, shunned.

Hopefully, Rockwell’s experience sheds light on what is happening at universities across the United States and prompts students to think for themselves.

Eileen Corr

Reid’s rant
Joy Reid strikes again (“Joy Reid carves up holiday,” Nov. 25).

Even Thanksgiving — a holiday celebrating love, family and food — can’t escape her hateful rants against white people.

Her spiteful, divisive rhetoric should not be tolerated by anyone, and her racist spewings should not be aired.

Linda Shukofsky
Valley Stream

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