Kim Kardashian accused of another Photoshop fail


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Kim Kardashian critics simply won’t stand for this.

The reality TV icon is being accused of yet another Photoshop fail on Instagram, where she appears to have grown a third thigh.

In a grainy, flashy snap posted online Thursday, the 42-year-old business owner touts her toned body in a sparkling Skims set. The mogul was flaunting her holiday collection from her garment line, but the dazzling gems weren’t what caught fans’ eyes.

Upon taking a closer look at the image, viewers noticed what looked like two right legs, one smaller than the other, layered on top of each other.

Past Photoshop busts leave the Kardashians’ loyal followers unfazed that their striking snaps are doctored — much like their appearances, which are anything but au natural — though the least they could do is make it believable.

Some users thought the mogul was busted for another editing faux pas, but others argued the double leg effect was caused by a mirror.

“What’s happening to Kimothy here?” one user quipped. “It literally looks like there’s a seam on her inner thigh.”

“What is going on with the thighs and are they going over the undies or what??!” a baffled fan commented.

“It’s the zipper of her skin suit, obv.,” another joked.

Kim Kardashian
The reflection behind Kardashian might have created the optical illusion.

Other images in the carousel show Kardashian in front of a mirror, leading some people to believe the layered leg was really just a reflection playing tricks.

“It’s a mirror. In the post she made with this picture there’s like 5 other pictures with it that make it clear as day that it’s a mirror. That’s her leg reflection,” a confident user explained.

“Someone said it was a mirror behind her idk tho but I can see her arm reflection too,” one skeptic wrote.

“I think she’s in front of a mirror, you know I love a good failed photoshop but I sadly don’t think it’s that,” argued another.

“Like we all know they photoshop to high heavens but this??? Don’t insult my intelligence,” said someone else. 

As part of America’s favorite — and seemingly perfect — reality TV family, Kardashian is no stranger to Photoshop and has often been caught using a heavy hand.

In her own Instagram photos, the mom of four has been accused of bizarre editing, even going so far as to make her neck and shoulders slimmer or crop out her belly button. In her Sports Illustrated cover shoot, her forehead seemed a bit too perfect — with not a baby hair out of place, or in sight — and experts assumed it could only be Photoshop.

Kim Kardashian
She flaunted her controversially toned figure in the newest Skims holiday set.

“We have to assume that at this point in her career, every photo is Photoshopped,” photo editor and photographer Gabriella Csapo previously told The Post.

The SKKN founder has even admitted to editing pics of the kids in her family, dishing the behind-the-scenes details of the infamous “True Photoshopping story” on the latest season of “The Kardashians.”

Kim Kardashian
The reality television family has been busted for Photoshop fails in the past.

In a bid to keep her blue and pink Instagram grid on theme, Kardashian was itching to post a sweet snap of her daughter Chicago West, 4, and Kylie Jenner’s daughter, Stormi Webster, 4, at Disneyland.

But when Jenner refused to allow her kid on the ‘gram, Kardashian took matters into her own hands, Photoshopping the face of True Thompson, the daughter of Khloe, onto Stormi’s body.

“You heard it here first: It’s not a major scandal. I just wanted my grid pink and blue,” Kardashian stated on the episode.

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