I worked with Lea Michele — she told me to stop talking


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A former colleague is raining on Lea Michele’s parade.

A woman who was allegedly a background regular in a show with Michele went viral for yet another uncomplimentary story about the “Funny Girl” star.

Laura Eletel posted a video about working as Michele’s stand-in in 2017 on the now-canceled show, “The Mayor,” claiming the former “Glee” star told her to shut up.

She alleged that Michele, 36, “needed” this job because she had “officially been blacklisted as being difficult” and the allegations of her being racist, mean and aggressive on the set of “Glee” had just come out.

“By Episode 3, they were thinking of firing her because she kept throwing tantrums and staying in her trailer for far too long and like, making production just go over budget by days,” Eletel claimed in the since-deleted video, which has been reposted by Perez Hilton.

When the cast of the show was filming Episode 7 of 12, it was Eletel’s first time as Michele’s stand-in, and she claimed she had never spoken to her before.

Her job as a stand-in required her to take notes of details such as where the actress had to go, what she had to do and where she had to land when she said certain parts of dialogue, since it was a single-camera show.

“Finally the princess comes out of her trailer 45 minutes too late, and I have the script in my hand, and I’m like, ‘This is the first time I’m actually gonna speak to her, dear God, give me strength,’ ” Eletel claimed.

Eletel said she walked up to Michele and introduced herself and started to go over the notes the director relayed to her. 

A woman who was a background regular in 2017 and 2018 for “The Mayor” went viral for yet another uncomplimentary story about Lea Michele.
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“I’m like halfway through, she’s not even making eye contact with me, she hasn’t said hello, she doesn’t even, like, acknowledge my presence,” she said of the alleged incident. “I’m like, ‘OK, maybe she’s just, like, hearing it. It’s fine.’ ”

But when Michele finally acknowledged her stand-in, she reportedly wasn’t so friendly.

“Finally she looks up, and she goes, ‘You’re still talking? I need it to stop,’ ” Eletel claimed.

The Post has reached out to reps for Michele for comment.

Eletel said she “wanted to die on the spot.”

She claimed that the other stars of the show and the director apologized to her for Michele’s behavior, saying Michele “gets in a mood sometimes.”

I worked with Lea Michele on a TV show -- she told me to stop talking
Laura Eletel posted a video telling a story from when she allegedly worked as the “Glee” star’s stand-in on the 2017 show “The Mayor.”

Eletel admitted that she never thought about the incident until recently when rumors that Michele can’t read started to swirl.

“I was like, ‘I’ve never actually seen her like type anything cohesive on her phone’ — ‘cause she’s constantly on her phone,” she alleged. “I mean she wouldn’t even look once at the script, and I’m thinking now maybe it’s because she couldn’t read the script.”

Eletel claimed that she was regularly on the set of the show and was friends with the rest of the cast and crew — including David Spade and Yvette Nicole Brown — and that she’s still friends with some of them on Instagram.

I worked with Lea Michele on a TV show -- she told me to stop talking
When the cast of the show was filming Episode 7 out of 12, it was Laura Eletel’s first time as Michele’s stand-in and she had never spoken to her before.

The stand-in said that Brown reportedly “had it up to here” with Michele and “was about to curse her out,” while the cameraman supposedly did curse her out on the last day.

“It was glorious because I was the stand-in for that episode, and I witnessed it,” Eletel claimed. “It’s so sad because I really wanted to like her because I think she’s beautiful and she’s so talented.”

“But she is deplorable,” she added.

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