big celebs thankful for personal pleasures


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Instead of dry turkey and undercooked yams, some celebs grab personal pleasures:

Brad Pitt? Food channels. Says: “Once you get into it, cooking’s a real art form” . . . David Duchovny likes home shopping channels . . . Eminem? Animals. He used to watch TV’s “Pet Rescue.” Julia Roberts? Daytime soaps . . . Cate Blanchett plays gin and bakes bread . . . Besides money, Bill Gates collects “Star Trek” dreck.

Nicolas Cage: “Mindless channel surfing. I know it’s awful but nothing else relaxes me. It’s a slide show. Like having a giant video juke box” . . . Salma Hayek once told the Halifax Daily News: “I’m a shopping addict. My house is filled with exercise equipment and TV advertised rotisserie cookers. My friends had an intervention and said, ‘We have to stop this.’ ”

Penelope Cruz: Bowling. “Matt Damon taught me. Now I adore it” . . . Calista Flockhart: pingpong . . . Pamela Anderson: Feather bowling. What?! Kid Rock taught her. Whateverthehell’s feather bowling? . . . Christy Turlington collects pottery . . . James Woods: “I like doing dishes. When you’re done you’ve achieved something and it gives you time to ruminate.” (May he schlep over to my house.)

Devoted Hollywood hobbyists

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford has taken to the skies as a pilot.
Getty Images

Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, John Travolta — pilots — fly their own planes . . . William H. Macy? Wood-turning or wood-chopping — or woodsomething. He says: “I even bought a lathe. Turning fits the attention span. I think I have the mind of a chimpanzee” . . . Teri Garr: “I’m ashamed of my horrible habit. I play solitaire on the computer.” Jennifer Love Hewitt, into dolls . . . Kelsey Grammer, first editions . . . Jennifer Tilly, hats from the ’20s . . . Sarah Michelle Gellar, antique books . . . Lucy Liu plays the accordion . . . Shaquille O’Neal, fishing — but won’t touch any worms as bait . . . Mick Jagger makes homemade jams which he gives to friends.

And they’re gamers, too

Will Smith
Will Smith enjoys playing chess for pleasure.
Jerod Harris

Will Smith, Madonna, Sting, chess . . . Uma Thurman: Gardening . . . Alicia Silverstone: “When I’m low I take all my clothes off and do naked gardening” . . . HRH Prince William the king light? Photography . . . Sir Michael Caine: Avid cook. Uses herbs and spices he grows himself . . . Rosey Grier: Needlepoint. Needlepoint? For a former big, tall, tough NFL Giant?

Keanu Reeves? Crossword puzzles . . . Sandra Bullock can knit a sweater in two days . . . Julianne Moore: Also knitting . . . Russell Crowe also. When his wife was pregnant, he knit and pearled booties, matching cap and a baby blanket . . . LeAnn Rimes: “I like doing laundry and taking everything out of the dryer while it’s still warm.” (May she meet Alicia Silverstone who likes to shed her bra and mulch plants.)


Brendan Fraser? Extensive collection of vintage Polaroids . . . John Malkovich makes cakes and flower arrangements “but my main interests are shopping and sewing” . . . And the hobby — plus part-time getaway relaxation of Delaware’s Joe Biden? Being president.

Thanksgiving turkeys will cost Americans plenty in 2022.
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Also, may all try to forget that a turkey today costs more than a Chevy . . . Another also, if making a road trip: Know this is when repairmen close all the highways and open up all the detours . . . And because I myself am trying not to be a turkey, I’ll take off tomorrow and see you again Monday.

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