Biden’s lunatic bid to pay ‘poor nations’ for ‘climate reparations’


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In a pathetic bid to “show results” from the latest global climate-change confab, the Biden administration followed Western Europe’s hysterical lead by signing on to a lunatic “climate reparations” scheme.

It’s beyond outrageous. It won’t even bring any progress in reducing global carbon emissions, the supposed goal of the COP-27 meetings. If it works as promised, it’s just another wealth transfer from wealthy nations to the (largely corrupt) governing class of poor countries.

The just-ended climate talks in Egypt brought few if any new commitments to reduce emissions; too much of the developed world is racing to find new sources of gas, oil and even coal in the energy crisis triggered by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

So, instead, the “we need some progress” crew opted for vows from wealthier countries, supposedly the biggest climate-change offenders, to fork over funds to poorer ones claiming to have suffered “losses and damage” from climate-triggered natural disasters. (The United States had resisted the deal but caved after the European Union signed on.)

World leaders hope to finalize the fine print (i.e., who pays what to whom, and how) over the next year, but America will surely be squeezed for the biggest sums of all. Meanwhile, China — which spews more CO2 than United States and Europe put together — is exempt because UN climate-change rules consider it a “developing” nation.

No matter that Western nations already ship billions to poorer ones, in the form of general economic aid and to promote climate measures. Nor are most of the Third World “climate-caused disasters” clearly that: It’s just that global media, fully on board with the hysteria, refuse to check the favored narrative.

Nor will average citizens of countries that get funds likely ever see a cent of the new aid themselves: The narrative demands ignoring how their kleptocratic leaders behave. These countries count as “victims,” so no questions can be asked.

Americans have suffered enough thanks to green-agenda idiocy at home: Limiting fossil-fuel production, despite a lack of viable alternatives, has energy prices skyrocketing, while most green subsidies amount to nothing more than corporate welfare.

Republicans, who now narrowly control the House, need to block any US money from being shipped out to fund “climate reparations.” Biden & Co. will likely offer US dollars anyway, via the World Bank and other international entities that US taxpayers already help support. But that’s just another reason to vote out the president and Democrats like him in 2024.

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