A very prompt and snappy day with NY Gov. Kathy Hochul


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So — if meeting our governor, pay attention, kiddies — be on time. Big Ben may be off a few seconds — Hochul, not.

Ours was early 5 p.m. dinner. On the curb an aide awaited her black SUV, which pulled up four to 5 sharp.

With her blond sister Sheila — in from Virginia — they were seated at two to 5.

Figuring it as a busy evening, I decided best to do the john before exiting the restaurant. Being I already knew where all my varying parts are, this did not take me long.

Seconds later Her Excellency had already left our table, brushed breadcrumbs off her skirt, answered a cellphone, crossed the entire place to get to the ladies room and was standing right outside its door awaiting me when I exited.

Not even a moose in heat can move quicker.

The SUV’s back seat was repair time. Compact, powder, lipstick, mirror, comb — 7 p.m. was to be a speech at the Metropolitan Museum.

Aides pile into the car. At 6:45 exactly we pull up to its VIP entrance.

At 7:30, back in the SUV’s back seat and onto some third thing. By now I was wiped. I had her drop me home.

No opportunity to talk politics. Not even about Joe Biden who refuses to discuss his age although he admits he once had a pet dinosaur.

Ron DeSantis reportedly has few friends in the Sunshine State.

Friendless in Florida

A Florida property owner about DeSantis whom I don’t know:

“Little feeling for people. Does not work a room or engage in standard niceties. Little talent for retail politics. Wears earbuds to deflect social interactions. ‘Nixonian’ in reclusiveness and unwillingness to make friends. If he makes the White House the thinking is nobody will be with him.”

Defensive line

More politics. Trump’s “persecuted” not “prosecuted.” Hey — how about Clinton? How about JFK? Donald’s lawyer should’ve said “the $130,000 wasn’t made to save his campaign — but to save his marriage and spare his wife and son embarrassment.” Suggesting other motives for Donald’s actions could have created reasonable doubt.

All of Donald’s former lawyers are now in trouble and getting their own lawyers. MAGA stands for More Attorneys are Getting Attorneys.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman will star in “A Good Person” alongside Florence Pugh.
Getty Images

‘Good’ film chugging into town

Friday, a train’s pulling in.

Morgan Freeman: “When I was a kid, the Lionel train set was the most popular gift you could give a kid. I wanted one. Never got one. The only thing in my entire life I wanted and didn’t get. So I understand the push to play with trains.”

“A Good Person” stars Morgan and Florence Pugh. Also, toy trains. The New Jersey drama inspired Freeman to remember those from his ­childhood.

So what’s he play? “An ex-cop alcoholic trying to preside over a bunch of dysfunctional people.”

Written and directed by Zach Braff.

Lawyer Stuart Slotnick and his client had dinner. She ordered a burger plus a filet mignon rare. He figured maybe he could’ve raised his fee since she was obviously a rich classy eater. The client fast inhaled the burger then carefully carried the package of wrapped filet mignon — rare — home. She then fed it to her dog.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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