$3,300 self-driving stroller to be next parent must-have


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Oh baby!

A Canadian startup has developed a pricey self-driving, “hands free” baby stroller which uses artificial intelligence for navigational guidance, the Guardian reported.

The $3,330 Ella smart stroller will be unveiled at the annual CES tech exhibition in Las Vegas later this week. Glüxkind, the Canadian startup behind the posh pushie, expects to have it to customers later in the year

Loaded with motors, sensors and AI software, the nearly 30-pound stroller can drive itself when not occupied. It automatically stops when obstacles are encountered or if it strays too far from mom or dad and has a maximum speed of 4 mph.

When a child is loaded up, safety sensors will only allow the stroller to move with a person gripping the handles.

Ella, the self guided stroller can walk itself through AI technology.

Other safety features include an automatic parking brake and several cameras that keep a lookout for moving objects. Lights flash when there is risk of a collision — similar to blind spot detection in newer cars.

Ella also aims to make life easier. It can be paired with a smartphone and tracked if it gets lost. When a parent is pushing the buggy uphill, an electric motor can kick in to help with the effort, similar to how an e-bike works. It even has a “rock-a-bye-baby” mode and built-in white noise machine to lull pampered tots to sleep. There’s also cargo space for six shopping bags.

“We’ve put a lot of hard work into this product and are excited to get it into more customers’ hands in 2023,” Anne Hunger, the chief product officer of Glüxkind told the Guardian.

New stroller technology boasts a self guided product for $3,300.
New stroller technology boasts a self-guided product for $3,300.

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